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2012 and onward!

Posted January 6, 2012 - 3:31 pm

Some pretty exciting things are going on around the GWC camp as we prepare for whats to come in 2012. Later this month we make our first national TV appearance on Late Night with Johnny P Show which airs on both the east and west coasts! We will announce the air time and show info as soon as that becomes available.

Also, we are extremely excited to share the stage with surf guitar legends and rock-n-roll hall-of-famers THE VENTURES in February! Truly an honor! Also in February we will make 4 appearances at our favorite PA brewpub for a Wednesday night “Beach Party in The Winter” residency at Appalachian Brewing Company! Aside from all that we have plenty of shows coming up with our friends Start Making Sense as always.

…and of course, there’s always something new for us right around the corner, so stay tubed!
-Sylvester Seaweed


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