Great White News

Posted August 31, 2011 - 8:40 pm

This week in the world of Great White Caps we have some exciting things going on.  First up on Friday night we will be in NYC at Sullivan Hall with our good friends Start Making Sense!  Sure to be a great time had by all.  Then on Saturday we will be making a very special performance at the first day of The Quicksilver Pro Surf Competition in Long Beach, NY guerilla style.  We will be set up on a friends deck which overlooks the competition.  With the amount of destruction caused by Hurricane Irene, including my freshly broken surfboard BOOOOO, we will bring some serious fun with us to lift spirits and help dry some flooded carpets as well.  Tonight, Tom Morey, the creator of The Morey Boogie left me a comment on our youtube video for The Morey Boogie, wow what a great honor.  Thanks for all the support everyone.  Full show details are found on the “tour” page.  Stay tubed!!!


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