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Posted October 26, 2011 - 2:40 pm

Hey everyone,

This weekend will commence yet another year of fantastical Halloween adventures!  Saturday night we return to our favorite hometown spot The Funhouse for our annual Halloween party.  This year we plan on bringing a special funky treat to all in attendance.  Slap on your best costume… or bikini, and get your ass down there!  We also have brand new t shirts for sale and this will be the first place they are available.  Sunday we head down to our nation’s capitol where we will rub elbows with President Obama!  Alright, maybe not, but we will be playing a show with our friends Start Making Sense at Sutra Lounge.  Then it’s Halloween, and where will we be?  Chapel Hill, NC at a frat house with Start Making Sense once again.  Halloween? Frat House? Talking Heads “Burning Down the House”?  Anyone else’s mind go straight to “Revenge of the Nerds”.  I just hope there isn’t anyone there trying to spit fire, or else we are in trouble.  We hope to see you along our trip and be sure to have a…


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