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Posted November 28, 2011 - 10:40 am

Hey everyone!  As we enter the Holiday season, us Great White Caps start to get all festive and crazy so we got together and set up our own little Santa’s workshop and pumped out some super cool treats for our December gigs!  I don’t want to give away all the secrets so come on down and find out what we’ve got hiding in our sack!  You can find us in Massachusetts this coming Friday and next week we have our hometown Christmas party set up with our great friends Rumplestiltskinz and His Dumpster Full of Sound, at the Funhouse!  We will both be playing Holiday specific tunes as well as our normal sets full of mayhem and cheer.  In other Festivus related news our Christmas EP, featuring our soon to be smashed hit “I’m Gonna Get Drunk For Christmas!”, will be available for download very shortly and we will also be selling a “Gift Card” of the album at upcoming shows as well.  O Holy freaking Night, this Feliz Navidad business is off the stocking hook!!!!  Hope to see you all soon, check out our video and get some cheer!


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