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2011 Wrapped-up! …almost

Posted December 22, 2011 - 9:53 am

Happy Holidays everyone!  As the Holidays and the end of the year approach, I find myself once again feeling reminiscent as I think back to all the adventures we had this year.  And of course, mighty psyched for all the adventures on the horizon!  Having the opportunity to travel around with our great friends Start Making Sense has been a great joy, I mean really, what could be better than two bands of friends rolling around and playing upbeat party music?!  What better way to wrap it all up than an epic double header in our very own home town of Bethlehem, PA?  I am pretty sure the Steel Stacks might literally lift off the ground on NYE as we turn the Musikfest Cafe into a virtual roiling and toiling sea of bodies and booze!  If you are there be sure to shout extra loud because there will be filming throughout the night and if you want your own 15 seconds of fame you’re going to have to make an ass of yourself.  Well, if you are reading this I am pretty sure making an ass of your self is part of your M.O. but just a reminder to be yourself.

As I look towards the new year I am excited to continue hitting the road and making more of you “tourists” along our endless summer beach jamz!  A true highlight will be opening for The Ventures!  I can’t believe I will be able to warm up the stage for a group which literally created the style of music I have devoted my life to.  A true honor.  We will also be doing a residency in Harrisburg at the Appalachian Brewing Company in February.  What does this mean for you?  You will be able to catch us the first four Wednesdays in February for a midwinter’s beach jam!

Thanks again to all the people who have been supporting us throughout 2011 and lets make 2012 even better!

-Montag the Magnificent


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