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Our next album is under way!!

Posted August 15, 2012 - 7:12 pm

That’s right, you heard me! As I’m writing this, Montag is starting to track vocals for the few songs that need ‘em while Utah and Warchild grab some beers and food. Everyone has been telling us that our next record should capture the raw energy and volume of our live shows. We agreed!

Right now we are set up on a stage in a barn in Kempton, PA no different than we set up on a stage in front of you! We started tracking the instruments 100% live today around 12:00pm and we will be done tracking EVERYTHING by sunset. The only overdubs will be vocals and maybe some sneaky bits for fun, but what you’re gonna get is 100% real. Real volume, real people, no cut and paste. The way music used to be made!

Stay tuned, your ticket to “Screech Beach” is right around the corner!


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