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Posted October 23, 2012 - 6:40 pm

Rolling up to Monterey, the clouds accumulating, in and out of consciousness I could feel the change. Northern California, although not really, kind of. The Golden State Theatre is one seriously cool joint, and the people who recently took it over are on a quick track to having the legacy of the theatre solidified for future generations. They started having smaller shows right in the lobby of the theatre, which is a beautiful space in its own right, complete with balcony and huge chandelier.


We opened for a great progressive instro band called Strawberry Girls. Next up, back to LA where we tore it up at Dipiazza’s which is a fabulous rock club in Long Beach. We crashed at Nature Boy’s crib, who is a great musician, sound engineer, producer and melodica enthusiast. His house doubles as a recording studio called Fork n Spoon. When we left Nature Boy, it was morning and he was on the front porch in his bathrobe, beer in hand and a huge smile on his face which could surely have been put there by one thing and one thing only, and Barnacle curiously had that same smile goin’ on. We then headed over and snagged an interview with Nature Boy’s bandmate and old friend of Johnny Utah’s, Josh Fischel, to talk about various things, including his project Josh Fischel and the Fiction, and one of the greatest Bigfoot stories I have ever heard.

If you would have told me at the beginning of this tour that I would be rollerblading down Venice Beach and absolutely loving it, I probably would have laughed and replied with some sort of dismissive statement. Well, that is precisely what happened, and we captured some of the most magical footage I have ever seen. Who would have known that Seaweed was so unabashedly flamboyant and smooth, once he strapped on some fruit boots. Here’s a little teaser…


Back north! This time we go to blaze into San Francisco and straight to our first guitar player and great friend, Michael “Clamhead Retard” Davidson. Another great interview, some sick Middle Eastern food and the over to what has been my personal favorite show of the tour so far. Not only was the Rock Loft full of awesome paintings by Jesse Mosher, 3 of which he did while we were playing, we got to do a set with Clamhead and I saw a dude slow dancing with what appeared to be a two foot tobacco smoking device. After we played Jesse gifted to me paintings of Santo and Johnny! What a great and raucous night!
One thing I have heard more on this tour more than ever before in my 20 years of being a musician is the overwhelming sentiment of “don’t stop doing what you are doing” from so many people. Just about every night some one tells me this. Is the universe telling me something? Are we really onto something here? Kind of feels like it.

As promised I continue to bring to you the list of our varied taste in tunes…

Dick Dale-KEXP session
The Blue Moonies-s/t
Cheers Elephant-Like wind blows fire
Peter Tosh-live: one love peace concert
Beach Boys-pet sounds
Chromeo-fancy footwork
Yacht-I believe you, your magic is real
Doors-LA woman
Soma session-Live at hot springs?
Joao Erbotta
Mitch Hedberg-do you believe in gosh?
David Cross-bigger & blackerer


  1. Steven Seagull

    Hedberg! Nice.

    October 24, 2012, 8:55 pm

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